The Cybercrime Law in Cambodia

 The planned Cybercrime Law Timeline


What is cybercrime law?

The Cybercrime Law is a piece of legislation being drafted by the Royal Government of Cambodia to control Internet activity. The government has been working on a draft of the law since at least 2012.

How will it affect me?

It is impossible to know for sure, because the government has not released an official copy of the draft law. However, an unofficial copy of the law leaked earlier this year raises many concerns, including fears that the law could:

  • Restrict freedom of expression online: The draft law criminalizes content that criticizes the government. This means youth could be jailed over Facebook posts or comments, and journalists could be charged over online news stories. The law will apply to everyone, including people outside Cambodia…

  • Allow the government to monitor online activity: The draft law gives a group of government bureaucrats, headed by the Prime Minister, police powers to investigate online crime. This committee may be able to conduct warrantless searches and seizures of computers and smartphones, and may even be able to monitor Internet communications.

  • Criminalize smartphones, laptops and tablets: The draft law makes it illegal to own or sell equipment or software that is suitable to be used to break the law. This could potentially be applied to any computer, smartphone or laptop.

  • Stifle economic growth: Google, Facebook and others have expressed concerns about the lack of protections for international businesses operating in Cambodia. The draft law could make it difficult for international businesses and telecoms to maintain offices or servers in Cambodia, decreasing foreign investment and job opportunities.

What can I do about it?

  1. Educate yourself. Visit for resources.
  2. Sign the petition. Ask the government to release an official copy of the law and to allow meaningful consultation on the law at
  3. Raise awareness. Start a discussion by sharing the logo and fact sheet on Facebook.

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