Internet Freedom

NGOs seek Internet rights protection via Charter for Internet Freedom

Cambodian civil society and Internet users in March drafted a Great Charter of Cambodian Internet Freedom (GCCIF) based on inputs from stakeholder groups including youth, bloggers, social media activists, local and international NGOs, businesses, telecoms and news media. The charter is currently available for public comments on, a Wiki-style website that allows users to edit and contribute to the law, ensuring a final draft reflects the needs and interests of Cambodian internet users. All internet users, social and digital rights activists as well as businesses can propose their ideas of what Internet freedom should look like in Cambodia and what are the protections they want to be guaranteed under law.   


Charges on Defamation Case Against Facebook User Dropped

The Cambodian Center for Independent Media welcomes the decision of the Chamkar Mon district police to drop the charges against Mr. Phel Phearun, after he posted information about the police district on his Facebook profile.