Access to Information

Law on Access to Information: Challenges and Opportunities for Provincial Broadcasters


With the financial support of European Union through DanChurchAid Cambodia (DCA Cambodia), the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) organized a two-day training on access to information (A2I) for CCIM’s media partners who are members of the Media Professionals for Freedom of Expression (MEPRO), a nation-wide network of provincial broadcasters, on June 13-14, 2017.

Although the Ministry of Information has worked with diverse stakeholders including civil society groups, media institutions and private sectors to improve the A2I draft law, not many of media institutions are active and well informed how significant the draft law is and how they can take advantage of the draft law to promote transparency and freedom of expression. In response to this challenge, CCIM invited at least 15 of MEPRO members to join the training to raise a comprehensive understanding of access to information, strengthen existing cooperation between CCIM and MEPRO and address challenges faced by MEPRO to promote access to A2I.


CCIM Completes its 4th Media Forum on Access to Information with Journalists


In December 2016, the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM), with the cooperation and funding support of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) conducted its fourth media forum in Siem Reap where journalists from different media organizations in the north-western part of Cambodia were given an opportunity to engage in the final round of discussion of a draft law on access to information.


Access to Information Law: What Does It Mean for Journalists?


The Ministry of Information of Cambodia is drafting a law on access to information. The purpose of this draft is to assure that access to information are assured by law to maintain accuracy and transparency.

While the draft law is still in progress waiting for a series of constructive debates among the stakeholders, particularly the journalists, the advertisement of the draft law remains limited, given the facts that not many journalists are aware of this draft law.


CCIM and partners promote Access to Information in rural communities

CCIM is partnering with DanChurchAid/ChristianAid (DCA/CA) and the Advocacy and Policy Institute (API) to promote Access to Information in rural communities throughout Cambodia. The project, funded by the European Commission (EU), aims to increase access to information and strengthen independent media and will run from 2015 to 2017.

The project is designed with two-pronged approach. First, API will increase the supply of information available in targeted communities by working with local authorities to increase their capacities to respond to information requests by citizens and media. Second, CCIM will generate demand for information by training everyday citizens, citizen journalists and provincial broadcasters on their right to know.


Access to Information at Root of Media Conflicts

Despite the Ministry of Information’s renewed commitment to pass an Access to Information (A2I) Law within the next three years, the violent crackdown on independent broadcaster Mam Sonando’s protest last week demonstrates that the government’s commitment on this front is faltering, becoming a concern for civil society. The continued lack of transparency within the Ministry of Information regarding radio and TV licensing is contradictory to its mission to distribute information to the Cambodian public and represents a violation of citizens’ human and constitutional rights to freedom of expression.