Research Findings: Perceptions of Online Freedom of Expression & Political Engagement

Internet Research Findings Report

Cambodian Internet users overwhelmingly see the country’s Internet as increasingly becoming more accommodating of free expression but remain concerned about the effects of recently proposed government actions related to Internet surveillance and controls, according to the results of a study by CCIM, which surveyed almost 1,000 Cambodian Internet users from 22 provinces.

The study aims to address a shortage of information regarding Cambodian Internet users’ online behaviors and perceptions on Internet rights.

Key findings from the research include:

- Almost 76% of Cambodian mobile Internet users feel the Internet is becoming increasingly freer.

- Almost 63% feel free to express their opinions on the Internet.

- 88% would not feel free to express their opinions online were the government to begin monitoring and controlling online activity.

- Just over 59% say the Internet plays a positive role in Cambodian politics.

- More than four out of five Cambodian mobile Internet users check Facebook every day.

These and other notable findings and recommendations can be found in the full research report. Based on a power analysis, these and other survey findings can be extrapolated to all Cambodian mobile Internet users with 95% confidence.

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