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Written on 03/10/2017, 09:15 by ccim
ccim-will-organize-off-studio-roundtable-forum-on-occupation-and-employment-safetyWhile labor rights and safety of Cambodian workers are protected and governed by both domestic law including Cambodia’s constitution and international law ratified by the Cambodian government, labor abuses and security at workplace remain the most critical concerns for Cambodia workers. Female workers, in particular, face more serious challenges than male workers. Short-term employment contracts, for instance, have put garment workers, mostly females, in a disadvantage position stripping them of rights to have secure jobs and losing scores of benefits they should legally obtain. More importantly,...
Written on 22/09/2017, 07:11 by ccim
challenges-for-independent-media-report-2016   Although there were no physical attacks or lawsuits against journalists in 2016, media outlets operated in an environment that often placed intense pressure to report favorably on the government and their allies in the business community. Rising political tension ahead of commune elections in June 2017 and an accompanying wave of legal action against government critics had a chilling effect on journalists, even those working for outlets that perceive themselves as independent and free to report on a broad spectrum of sensitive issues.Corruption was seen as one of the most...
Written on 16/08/2017, 08:41 by ccim
internship-at-ccim-develop-skills-build-self-confidence-and-experience-the-real-world   There is nothing more exciting for journalism students than having the chance to engage directly with a media institution to practice the skills they rigorously learnt at university. It is no different for Heang Sokuntheary, a sophomore from the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh. Having been motivated by the curiosity to learn new things along with a passion for advocacy, Sokuntheary is working as a Media Intern at the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) for eight weeks. Now half way through her internship, the time she has spent at...
Written on 16/08/2017, 08:23 by ccim
from-theory-to-practice-internship-as-an-opportunity-to-see-the-real-world   Seeking justice, providing help and uncovering the truth is what motivated a young and smart girl named Thanh Chansotheary to study media and communication. She would like to become a journalist after graduating.  As a sophomore at the Department of Media and Communication, more commonly known as DMC, of Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Sotheary is optimistic that the way for her to contribute to Cambodian society is through her pieces of writing. With her good academic performance and solid commitment to learning and practicing, Sotheary has been given an opportunity to...