CCIM Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Everybody well informed, everybody empowered.

Our Mission

CCIM’s mission aims at promoting democratic governance and human rights enforcement in Cambodia through the development of a pluralistic and independent media environment.

CCIM considers that media development plays a critical role in improving democratic governance and enforcement of human rights in Cambodia. The combination of (I) media’s independence from government and other outside influences, (II) promotion of freedom of expression and access to information, (III) representation of the public’s needs to decision-makers and (IV) improvement of the quality of the produced news, is the media development CCIM wants for the country.
In turn, by maintaining a free-flow of information, independent and accurate media keep duty bearers transparent and hold them to account. Such transparency and accountability provide citizens with the information they need to make the critical decisions that impact them at the individual, family, community and national levels.

Our Values

CCIM values reflect the beliefs of CCIM and form the guiding principles for all CCIM operations.

Gender Equality

Recognizing how media, especially social media, could be a pervasive and profoundly influential socializing force, CCIM is highly committed in using its power as a media organization to advocate for gender equality at all levels of Cambodian society and institutions.

Accountability and Transparency

Because holding Cambodian decision makers accountable is one of CCIM’s main missions, CCIM pays particular attention to its own accountability in all its activities, including financial management, and accepts responsibility for them in front of all its stakeholders. CCIM’s accountability is achieved through the disclosure of results in a transparent manner to both its supporters and beneficiaries.


CCIM not only wants to provide Cambodian citizens with neutral and unbiased information but also acts as an independent organization itself, free from any form and origin of influence. CCIM’s independence gives us the authority we need to effectively make real change happen.


CCIM believes that strengthening professionalism in journalistic practices in Cambodia requires paying particular attention to ethical principles. For CCIM, building the capacities of journalists, starting with its own, is also a way to provide Cambodian citizens with information of true quality.