CCIM Annual Report 2013

 2013 was an inspiring year for CCIM, as it underscored the importance of the media’s role in Cambodia – especially that of social media. Throughout the year, Voice of Democracy (VOD) reported on many significant events, such as human rights violations and the pre- and post-election protests and political maneuvers. But even in the midst of these critically newsworthy events, the government kept firm control over the country’s media outlets, with only a few independent radio programs managing to regularly broadcast neutral information – notably including CCIM’s VOD broadcasts through Sarika FM.

The controlled nature of the mainstream media led the public to turn to social media in unprecedented numbers, looking to Facebook for alternative sources of independent and timely information. And VOD was there to meet them, sending out breaking news alerts that spread through the country’s growing social media sphere like wildfire.

This led to a historic shift in the electorate, as more youth than ever before participated actively and openly in political campaigns and took notice-some for the first time of the country’s struggle for freedom of expression. For CCIM, and for the country’s other media actors, it was a point of pride to contribute to this remarkable and historic change in Cambodia.


CCIM Annual Report 2012

 CCIM Annual Report 2012The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) is committed to a professional, independent, multi-platform approach to improving democracy and good governance in Cambodia. In 2012, this has been achieved through dissemination of information and the encouragement of a participative culture as well as through cooperation with many organisations with similar goals.

During the past year, we were able to expand Voice of Democracy’s (VOD) reach through media alliances signing MoUs with various radio stations, and through cooperation with NGOs in other provinces. We fostered the professionalism and independence of citizens and journalists through workshops. We promoted dialogue between commune authorities and its members in commune administration and development. We provided extensive coverage of the commune electoral process receiving recognition for our unbiased reportage.

The efficacy of these projects among many others, and our continued production of public service orientated programming, was only possible thanks to our staff and supporters. Our clients and partners are not only important for keeping us


CCIM Annual Report 2011

CCIM Annual Report 2011Development in Cambodia has stalled in recent years due to poverty and lack of infrastructure resulting from the Khmer Rouge era. Basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of association, rule of law and media plurality are frequently threatened and sometimes disregarded entirely. The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) works to overcome these disadvantages and to mobilize citizens through unbiased reporting and information sharing.

CCIM envisions a Cambodia with, “Everybody well-informed and educated, everybody developed”. Its mission is to be an independent and professional media institution providing news and information through innovative approaches across multiple media platforms.  In 2011, CCIM worked towards these goals through radio broadcasting, online news, print news, and a number of projects which engaged citizens and media professionals.

Through Voice of Democracy (VOD), CCIM promoted human rights reporting, good governance, and democracy, and provided the means for marginalized people to voice their problems and concerns. VOD Radio broadcasts via Sarika FM 106.5 in Phnom Penh and FM 95.5 in Siem Reap, with the potential to reach 8.5 million listeners. In the past year, VOD launched its online news site, and VOD Radio produced a total of 5,301 stories and 38 regular radio programs.